we are for people
and for the planet

We take action to make a real difference in terms of what kind of company we are: for people and for the planet. That is why we strive to reduce our environmental impact, but also care about internal development and relationships within the company.

The Earth is our common good. Increasing consumption and industrialisation, among other things, contribute to excessive CO2 emissions and pollution of the environment with harmful waste.

As one of the leaders in the industry, we directly impact environmental challenges: water consumption, fuel consumption and waste production. Our goal is to be a socially responsible company, so we are not indifferent to climate change: we take extensive measures to ensure sustainable development.


We begin to care for the environment at the design stage.
An eco-friendly product is one that can be used many times for many years. Therefore, by creating new products and improving the already existing ones, we provide a durable structure.


We make sure that our containers take up as little space as possible during transport. We have patented the positioning of wheels, thanks to which we save up to 30% of space in transport.


We equiped both of our plants with energy-saving machines.


Our boxes and labels are made of polypropylene, which imakes the products fully recyclable.


We process 100% of the production waste that is used in our eco.line as well as in clips, wheels and handles on most of our lines.


The Sustainable Development Goals are an action plan prepared by the United Nations to help transform countries, companies and NGOs. It will ensure that the needs of current and future generations can be met in a sustainable manner. Not only with respect for the environment, but also with consideration for social and community needs.

We proudly implement it in our company, with the intention of having a real impact on the world we live in.

  • Good health and quality of life
  • Gender equality
  • Economic growth and fair work
  • Innovation, industry, infrastructure
  • Less inequality
  • Sustainable cities and communities
  • Responsible consumption and manufacturing
  • Climate protection activities
  • We strive to keep our employees in the best possible mental and physical health, which is why we care about their safety and support all health-promoting initiatives. We offer access to ongoing health care for employees and family members.
  • Our company is open and fully understanding, so we always provide fair and equal pay for work of equal value. We also support parent-child care and promote hiring women in senior positions while preventing bullying or violence.
  • We are constantly testing and implementing innovative manufacturing solutions that will allow us to reduce our environmental impact and to continue growing. In all of this, we remember to take care of our team. Therefore, when hiring new employees, we care about the highest satisfaction and a safe working environment.
  • We are modernising and investing in our infrastructure, making it more sustainable, resilient, and people- and environment-friendly. This is helped by our research and development department, through which we develop the best green solutions based on knowledge.
  • Each person employed by our company receives a fair wage and is guaranteed a transparent system of remuneration and bonuses. We implement anti-discrimination practices in recruiting, hiring and throughout the organisation.
  • We promote the use of reusable products and the use of recyclable materials. Our employees have constant access to filtered water, as well as reusable water bottles.
  • We consider environmental aspects at every stage of product design, from conception to manufacturing, logistics and disposal. We are able to save up to 30% of space when transporting and storing our containers.
  • As an organisation, we take action to combat climate change. We use 100% of production waste, which we process into regrind and reuse to manufacture eco.line containers, and wheels, clips and handles. Our manufacturing facility has a green roof and the underfloor heating in the building operates as part of a system of heat recovery from the production line.
People are the foundation of our company
At Orplast, we make a team that sticks together, and the atmosphere of mutual support keeps us with a personnel make-up that has not changed much over the years! People are the foundation of our company. We want everyone to feel comfortable here.