For over 35 years,

we have been helping people organise their spaces

We are a courageous organisation that has still managed to maintain a family spirit

We offer a wide variety of containers to keep your everyday life neat and tidy. Our products are protected by numerous patents, and thanks to their clever design, multifunctionality, automated production and reasonable price, they are sold throughout Europe and the world.

What we do is based on social responsibility and sustainable activities – only this way fulfils our goals.

  • The praise of simplicity

    We know that not just the appearance but also the quality is important when making decisions on whether to buy products. We want to surround ourselves with things that will serve us for years, so in our projects we always focus on durability, timelessness and simplicity.

  • Our strength is innovation

    We are not afraid to create more, but in smarter ways. We rely on breakthrough technologies and increase efficiency by automating production lines. Efficiency always goes hand in hand with practical design and new, greener raw materials that we use to produce high-quality containers.

  • The environment is important to us

    It's not greenwashing, or just another clichéd slogan without meaning. We pay attention to ecology in everything we do: thanks to well-considered measures and new technologies, production is carried out using electric machines that significantly increase energy savings, and our containers are made of materials that are fully recyclable. Moreover, all the waste from production goes back into circulation and is used in our eco.line and the clips, handles and wheels for our other products.

Discover our story

Over the years, we have gained new experiences, adapted to change and strengthened the team. We do not stop there, as we know that business growth is a continuous process. Today, more than 40 years later, we can create the highest quality, safe products without forgetting the most important things: you and the environment!

Our values

  • Innovation
    We are constantly researching customer needs and creating products to match current trends. At the same time, we are active in the field of optimisation and look for innovations that will further improve our operations.
  • Design
    We make sure that our products, in addition to top-notch functionality, are also aesthetic. We believe in good design and work with great designers, including Polish studios Kabo & Pydo and Nicer Design.
  • Flexibility
    We are prepared for dynamic changes in manufacturing. This ensures that every order arrives on time, regardless of the number of products ordered.
  • Responsibility
    We sincerely strive for sustainable production that is as environmentally neutral as possible. We do not greenwash – 100% of our production waste is recycled and used in the production of the eco.line range and in clips, handles and wheels for other products.

Wherever there is a need for order

We like to think that the world has no boundaries for us.
And indeed, it is so: for years we have been exporting our goods to European markets and to dozens of countries outside Europe, including South Korea, Panama and Canada.
  • Nothing is impossible for us

    With an innovative approach to manufacturing and transportation, we have the ability to dynamically adapt to market needs. We efficiently process large orders, while maintaining what is most important: the highest quality, accuracy and aesthetics of workmanship.

  • We care about sustainable logistics

    We use intermodal solutions and optimise the use of vehicle cargo space and storage space. Through innovative designs, we are able to save up to 30% of space when transporting and storing our containers.

  • We are constantly evolving

    By developing new products and services, we reduce our environmental impact. We invest in innovative solutions that provide greater energy efficiency: we use energy-efficient installations and strive for energy independence.


  • To stay current, our in-house design department develops innovative designs and products based on the Design Driven Innovation methodology.

    R&D activities support the implementation of innovative solutions for already existing processes and products, but also include the search for new, more sustainable solutions and materials. This helps us become greener every day, with our products being tailored to your needs.

  • We work closely with universities and experts who help us develop better solutions based on the latest technical and material knowledge. This ensures that we are always one step ahead and can constantly improve and create new products.

    We regularly conduct surveys whose main objective is to find out what customers expect. This allows us to create products on an ongoing basis that meet users’ most important needs – including yours.

    The well-being of others is important to us in everything we do. That is why we are focusing on the responsible and sustainable development of our company in the coming years. Learn more about our initiatives in this area here.


Our innovative approach, new technologies and design are appreciated by many professionals in the international arena, thanks to which we have been repeatedly recognised in competitions and rankings. In autumn 2021, we were shortlisted for the Good Design competition in the branding/graphic identity category.

The awards drive us to break new ground and maintain the highest standards: both in terms of products and employee satisfaction.

  • Good Design
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