Variety that provides comfort


We have as many as 594 product combinations. Which one will you choose?

Our range includes containers that are diverse in terms of shape, size or functionality, which allows us to adjust to your expectations. The wide range of products includes 13 lines: arctic.line, eco.line, white.line, Antibacterial*, Antibacterial* First aid, BaseStore, RobuStore, SolidStore, SimpleStore, SimpleStore Insert, SimpleStore Decor, SimpleStore Color and NewBinder.

Our portfolio includes as many as 594 product combinations of various sizes and capacities. Each of them can be equipped with a lid, clips, label, and inner cartridge.
  • Design
    We make sure that our products, in addition to top-notch functionality, are also aesthetic. We believe in good design and work with great designers, including the Polish studio Kabo & Pydo.
  • Innovation
    We are constantly researching customer needs and creating products to match current trends. At the same time, we are active in the field of optimisation and look for innovations that will further improve our operations.
  • Responsibility
    We sincerely strive for sustainable production that is as environmentally neutral as possible. We do not greenwash – 100% of our production waste is recycled and used in the production of the eco.line range and in clips, handles and wheels for other products.
  • Flexibility
    We are prepared for dynamic changes in manufacturing. This ensures that every order arrives on time, regardless of the number of products ordered.

product lines of our brand moxom

BaseStore Color

The BaseStore Color line is a new version of the popular BaseStore line, this time in five original colors that will add style to any room.


The white.line is a minimalist line of storage containers. A snow-white box with a transparent lid will keep you visually organised. It will not disturb the harmony of your interior.


A line of products specifically designed for storing food. It is characterised by dimensions ideal for the fridge and strong, fresh colours.


We protect the environment. Now all waste that comes from production is converted back into regrind and then into eco.line containers.


Now even more durable! This line is manufactured from super-strong copolymers, ensuring that the containers are shock and drop resistant and impervious to the weather.

SimpleStore Decor

Containers with colourful illustrations, from funny emoji to picturesque landscapes. Made using the IML technique.

SimpleStore Color

Universal containers available in 4 vibrant colours, 4 sizes to choose from. These will bring cheerful colours to the interior.


Universal storage containers. These are spacious and modular, allowing you to make the most of your space. Range available in over 40 sizes.


Sturdy and spacious containers with thicker and more durable walls than standard containers. Carrying really heavy things will be easier with the specially shaped handle.


A line of binders designed to make your office better. Documents are safe and protected from dust and dirt. Perfect for archiving and protecting data. Use an app to print out personalised labels and any descriptions.


Strong containers with stylish embossing and a translucent texture. Available with a clip closure and with a click lid.

Antibacterial* First aid

Antibacterial microsilver container to hold all your medications
and sanitary dressings. Microsilver kills over 99% of bacteria and fungi.


Antibacterial containers with silver microparticles. Microsilver kills over 99% of bacteria and fungi.